Innovation & Change

We are passionate about meaningful innovation. We are a learning organization. We learn from our experiences and global best practices.

Community & Prosperity

We believe in mutual prosperity. Our culture, our ideas, our practices, our environmental concern and our teamwork inspire us to create superior values for people and communities around us.

Honesty & Integrity

We believe that goodwill and a good reputation are integral to our business.

Customer & Excellence

We are diligent in understanding and fulfilling our customers' needs. We strive to please our customers by ensuring excellence in quality and service. We listen to our customers and "go the extra mile" to satisfy them.

Leadership & Prudence

We cultivate talent and leadership to create sound business solutions, to best meet our customer needs.

Cultivating People

FMA Global people approach others with respect and consideration. In turn, we view our people as individuals, not simply a means to achieve corporate performance. As people are the center of who we are, we take genuine care in their development, making their cultivation our top long-term priority.

Open Communication

FMA Global people are completely open in communication. We have a strong trust base which allows colleagues to freely express opinions and value those of others, regardless of hierarchy. In fact, we have an obligation to provide constructive dissent when backed by clear rationale. When we make mistakes, we acknowledge them. We never hide them. People who acknowledge mistakes and keep their promises are truly worthy of trust. Such trust enables open communication